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Frequently Asked Questions

The throttle and pedal assist will assist up to 20 mph. You can go faster on your own power.
In Washington State, license, registration, and insurance are not currently required for Class 2 ebikes. You are responsible for knowing the laws in your state.
Yes! You can check with your own homeowner’s and auto insurance to see if it is already covered, or if your provider offers an umbrella or separate policy. There are other companies that offer separate policies for ebikes, such as Safeco. The policy would ideally include both theft and liability.
In Washington State, helmets are not required for riders 16 and older, on Class 2 ebikes. You are responsible for knowing the laws in your state.
The life of the battery should last through 400-600 charging cycles

No! ALL our ebikes include a throttle, so you can easily control your speed without any pedaling at all!

Yes! eBikes are great for exercise! You can work as hard or as little as you want. With an ebike, YOU control how much you are exercising.

Our ebikes are designed for riders for 16 and older. Laws may vary in your state.
No! Ebikes are easy to maintain. Basic seasonal tune-ups, brake and gear shift adjustments, and chain maintenance is really the only upkeep required, and can usually be done at any local bike shop.
On the Fusion, the Pulsar, and the Prism, both the seat and handlebars are adjustable. On the Element and the Eclipse, the seats are adjustable.

Our ebikes are a pretty standard post size, so you can upgrade your seat no problem!

Yes! All our ebikes have removeable batteries, and the batteries can be charged whether they are on the bike or not. This makes the folding ebikes particularly portable, as it reduces the weight of the ebike by about 12 pounds.
No. The batteries must be plugged in to a regular 110 outlet to charge.
It takes roughly 4-6 hours to fully charge a completely dead battery.
Absolutely! Just give us a call or email to place your order, and we can have one ready for in store pick up or shipped directly to you!
In Washington State, Class 2 ebikes can generally be ridden wherever regular bikes can be ridden, however, the laws in your state may vary.
Nope! There are only two hinges for the folding mechanism. No tools required, takes only seconds!
Yes! These can be ridden just like a regular bike, either when the ebike is turned off, has a dead battery, or is in pedal assist 0.
Yes. Speed limits, traffic signals, and other traffic laws are applicable to ebikes, although state and municipal laws may vary.
All our ebikes include fenders, and a rear luggage rack. The Element also includes a metal front basket. All five models include a USB charging port for your electronics.
Yes! Our ebike have a weight limit of around 265 pounds, and you can lose weight as you enjoy your riding adventures!
Our fat tires are very puncture resistant, however, flats can still occur, especially with glass, nails, or thorns. Adding the “slime” or “sealant” to your tubes will help reduce the chance of flat tires.
Our ebikes all have rear hub motors, so changing the front tire is usually not a problem. If it is a rear flat, it is best to take the ebike to a qualified mechanic to avoid any damage to the motor or voiding the warranty.
We currently only ship to the lower 48 states in the Untied States.

Yes! Every ebike includes a USB charging port under the LCD screen. You can charge a cell phone, light kits, music speakers, GPS units, and more!

Yes! In Washington State, ebike riders are not required to have a driver’s license, registration, or insurance. These laws are subject to change and may vary from state to state.

Yes! The lithium-ion battery will need to be in your carry on, and cannot be checked. Here are the TSA guidelines regarding batteries:

Check with your airline for specific instructions on checking your ebike.

No. Our ebikes are not rated to carry passengers, however, the 25kg weight limit can accommodate a baby carrier.
If you are just using the throttle or in the highest level pedal assist (level 5), you should get 20+ miles. The lower range pedal assist (level 3 or below), should get you 30+ miles. Range can be affected by hills, headwinds, and weight of rider.
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