1 thought on “Are eBikes just for lazy people?”

  1. Are e bikes just for lazy people?
    I don’t think so. After my wife’s cancer (yay remission!),
    We had to park the mountain bikes, as her stamina was just not as strong as before.
    We bought a Prism and a Pulsar from Green Motion Bikes in Wenatchee and it was a game changer! Not only were they pleasant to work with, they helped Helen choose the model that would best suit her needs including test rides and customizing her new ride.
    We can now resume the adventure with out the worry that she will have the energy to enjoy the trip. The bikes are easy to handle and the range for a charge is great.
    After a year with these e bikes, I can say that it has been a valuable investment and I would recommend both an e bike as well as Green Motion Bikes.

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